TFlickrDownloader is a tool to download photostreams, sets, albums and groups from It can download several pages at once to improve overall download speed.

  1. You can download albums, sets, photostreams and groups
  2. Download several pages and photos at once (up to 16)
  3. Select photo resolutions to download
  4. Select page range to download
  5. Download photos whose download is disabled
  6. It can write several exif tags gathered from flickr page
  7. You can create projects so you can continue to download later
  8. 32/64 bit versions
  9. Portable version


What is planned?
  1. Support for other photo sharing sites (500px etc)
  2. Support for more exif tags
  3. Better error handling

You can make a donation to show your appreciation. Link to Paypal donation page:

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